Alejandro Fernandez is a mental health advocate and writer who was indirectly affected by schizophrenia.; his older brother has schizophrenia. Alejandro decided to become an ally and supporter of those with psychosis after the many trials and tribulations his brother and he went through. Alejandro has a business degree from a Cal State University that he occasionally puts into good use—he’s a writer and creator at heart.

He grew up in Southern California amongst working class people and immigrants, and he is well-versed on the matters of stigma against mental illness and minorities

Most of Alejandro’s knowledge comes from real-life experiences that include volunteering for organizations such as NAMI and MHA, as well as various clubhouses and wellness centers. To help his brother, and later his friends with psychosis, Alejandro researched the ins and outs of the mental health care system; he studied modern therapies. Alejandro joined Students with Schizophrenia because it’s the organization that’s finally changing things. He knows SWS will alter the way society treats mental illness and is happy to see it first come through the education system. The biggest thing Alejandro learned alongside his brother is that everyone with schizophrenia needs someone else to journey with them through their darkest times and to be unafraid to step into their world. Alejandro is currently Students With Schizophrenia’s Executive Board Treasurer.