To be a Community Group Leader means that you will help lead meetings, projects, or initiatives generated from this group. Students With Psychosis community groups on the Discord platform help meet the needs of our intersectional community members and help hold Students With Psychosis accountable in matters of inclusion and diversity. Community groups include the LGBTQIA+ Group, BIPOC Group, and Comorbidity Group. We are adding more community groups based on the feedback of our student leader and advocacy community. Areas that we are looking into to expand include but are not limited to psychosis representation (media, workplace, education, etc.) and global perspective (language, culture, history, etc.).


Do you have a psychosis advocacy social media channel? We want to help promote you. Join our Students With Psychosis Brand Ambassador Program. Being part of this program allows our media team to follow your social media account and share/repost your content on SWP social media channels to help amplify your message and draw our audience to your account. SWP only shares/reposts content from SWP brand ambassadors or partnered organizations. SWP will only promote content that follows SWP Community Guidelines. To stay active in the SWP Brand Ambassador Program, we ask ambassadors to post at least one post a month that mentions @studentswithpsychosis. We ask that SWP Brand Ambassadors use #StudentsWithPsychosis hashtags on the content they would like SWP to share.


Students With Psychosis is reviewing internship applications and accepting them on a rolling admission basis. Interns can get involved from anywhere globally with a reliable internet connection. Required time commitment is approximately four hours along with weekly virtual internship meeting attendance. Students With Psychosis models a workplace that is supportive and empowering for people living with psychosis. This includes flexibility and accommodations on both attendance and assignments. You do not have to be a student or living with psychosis to apply. Students With Psychosis also can work with your school to receive college credit or fulfill an internship requirement. Thank you for volunteering your time. We are looking for more interns interested in moderating comments on Discord, coordinating open mics, or helping with recruitment. Interns are also involved in the planning of SWP outreach initiatives and events. We also have special projects for interns who express interest in doing more. SWP is growing, and our leadership team behind the scenes is growing as well.


Advocates get the same FREE membership access as student leaders with over 160+ hours monthly of virtual programming, discord access, and upload access to the accommodations and coping skills database, virtual gallery, open mic and storytelling event sign-ups, and SWP Bulletin submissions. Virtual Meetings and discord includes: BIPOC Community Group, LGBTQIA+ Community Group, Comorbidity Group, Office Hours, Daily Live Chat, Daily Audio Hangouts, Weekly Peer Support Groups, Weekly Guest Speaker Events, Weekly Discussion Groups, Weekly Planning Meetings, Weekly Game Nights, Weekly Creative Meetings, Weekly Community Meetings, Monthly Storytelling Events, and Monthly Open Mics.


There are so many ways to get involved other than through our memberships! Apply to be an intern, advocate, brand ambassador, or community leader. Students do not have to apply to one of these positions to join SWP and just need to register for a FREE membership. (NEW!) We also have a parent/family membership option. To get more involved outside of memberships, scroll down and apply. You do not have to be a student or living with psychosis to apply as an intern, advocate, brand ambassador, or community group leader. Want to bring SWP to your school? Register your school as either a student or faculty member. Please be mindful that for the internship, advocacy, and community group leader application that an additional virtual interview is required as a follow-up step.

To stay active in our Advocacy Program, we ask you to complete THREE of the following involvement opportunities each semester to help connect with our student leaders. Students With Psychosis is accommodating and flexible with deadlines and attendance. If you would like to suggest another involvement opportunity idea, please let the team know.

  • Participate in an open mic
  • Interview on a @studentswithpsychosis social media account
  • Write a social media post for @studentswithpsychosis
  • Be a guest speaker for Guest Speaker Tuesday
  • Attend a virtual meeting/audio hangout/live chat
  • Participate in a storytelling event
  • Write an SWP Bulletin Article
  • Upload a virtual gallery submission
  • Write a review about a coping skill or accommodation for our database
  • Write a feed post about @studentswithpsychosis on your public social media account, tag us, and hashtag #studentswithpsychosis.