Emily Robinson

Florida, United States

Emily Robinson has been a mental health advocate her whole adult life, but began writing about publicly about it in 2016 when she began the storytelling project You Are In This World about her mother, Cindy Robinson, who had schizophrenia. Frustrated by the lack of insightful, authentic journalism about schizophrenia, Emily started with a video on Facebook about her mom, who was sick in the hospital at the time. The video was published on Upworthy a couple months into the project, and subsequently went viral, reaching many millions of people through multiple oth. In the next years, Emily tried her best to honor her mom through sharing writing, photos and videos about Cindy, and her brother, Seth, who was Cindy’s main caregiver. She has been a featured keynote speaker at NAMI Ohio’s annual convention, a guest on the T.D. Jakes daytime talk show, and has given dozens of interviews to media outlets about the project. Her Facebook page has more than 28,000 followers. In June of 2018, Cindy died while in untreated psychosis. Her death has been devastating to Emily and her brother Seth. While still in grief, Emily has continued to try to be an advocate, and has begun centering her energy on research, science and early intervention and education about schizophrenia and psychosis. It is her goal to never stop learning more about schizophrenia, and never stop helping people understand more about schizophrenia. Ultimately, Emily hopes to be among leaders who change the thinking of what schizophrenia is, and ultimately create better, happier, healthier lives for all people and their family members and friends impacted by this condition. In addition to her advocacy work, Emily is a professional photographer, who lives near the beach in Florida with her husband, two kids ages 13 and 9, and two dogs.