Students With Psychosis collaborated videos have gained over 35 million views on multiple platforms combined in collaboration with TEDx, a three-time feature on SBSK, Barcroft TV, Anthony Padilla, and CBS This Morning national news. We have been featured in Glamour UK, The Boston Globe, Women’s Health Magazine, twice in Forbes, USA Today College, Healthline, Daily Mail, The Indian Express, MTV University, Parade, WGBH, Psychology Today, Mental Health America, etc.

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RETHINK EVENT | March 6th, 2020

Students With Psychosis hosted its first RETHINK event in the Fashion District of New York City on March 6th, 2020, including a protest fashion show collaborating with the clothing brand Schizophrenic.NYC and flying in guest speakers from outside of the United States such as Lauren Kennedy West and Rob Kennedy West from the Living Well With Schizophrenia YouTube channel with over 100 thousand subscribers. During RETHINK week, 2019-2020 Students With Psychosis Advocacy Board Members Lauren Kennedy and Rob Lim from Living Well With Schizophrenia sat down with fellow Advocacy Board Members to share their stories!