Gallery submissions are subject to a review and editing process in collaboration with the Students With Psychosis team. Submissions must follow SWP Community Rules.



No bullying.  No harassment.  We are a community that prioritizes inclusion and the safety of our community members.  


We are a peer support group, and we do not take the place of medical, legal, or financial professionals.  Do not diagnose other community members.  Do not pill shame.  Do not symptom shame.  Do not promote particular medications.  We ask members not to mention medicines by name in meetings or live chat. We are a group of peers with a joint interest and not a medical, legal, or financial resource. With that said, SWP is not a crisis resource. If an SWP member is in crisis, SWP will resource direct the individual to the appropriate crisis support. This resource direction ensures that the individual is getting safe and professional advice while in crisis and ensuring that members within the call are not triggered and their mental health and safety put at risk.


Do not share content from within SWP private platforms or meetings; not everyone is open about their diagnosis or other information they may share, such as sexuality or gender identity.  What is shared in SWP stays in SWP. Also, not everyone is comfortable engaging outside of SWP’s platform. SWP does not promote and is not responsible for communication between members outside of the SWP platform, such as but not limited to direct messaging or following private accounts on social media. Please stay mindful that social media can be a trigger for some of our community members. 


SWP makes it a priority to create a space that members have a place where we can all be open and uncensored; however, it is essential to do so while being mindful of others. It is also necessary to stay aware of triggers when using a profile picture or username. 


SWP does not endorse any political candidate or party and is not meant to be divisive and instead serves as a resource for all community members regardless of political stance. SWP does not feature pictures of members with political figures or campaign merchandise. With that said, as an activist community, discussion of specific mental health, disability, and healthcare-related issues in an educational and constructive approach is encouraged. 


Please be respectful of religious/spiritual differences and remember that religion/spirituality can trigger some of our community members.  Even though religious/spiritual discussion groups can be a source of support, SWP does not facilitate or promote groups within the SWP platform. We ask members not to interpret or impose spiritual beliefs on other community members’ psychosis experiences. Please stay mindful of religious/spiritual triggers when sharing creative works. 


Since there is often an overlap with substance abuse and mental illness, please stay mindful of triggers.  Discussions related to substance abuse is to keep recovery-focused.  As a peer support group, we are here to support community members and respect triggers.