Katie Berry

Pennsylvania, United States

Katlyn Berry is a Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling student at Penn State. Her purpose for pursuing this master’s degree is to educate herself on how to eliminate the stigma associated with the diagnosis of mental illness. Katlyn decided to become an advocate for those with a mental illness due to witnessing her mother lose meaningful opportunities as a result of disclosing her mental health diagnosis. Katlyn became involved with SWS to eliminate the stigma surrounding schizophrenia, and to serve as an advocate for those who may feel as though they do not have a voice during their time at college. One important thing that Katlyn has taken away from the mental health community, is to not let the opinions or perceptions of others darken your light. Katlyn is currently Students with Schizophrenia’s Fundraising Chair and has been involved with the Penn State SWS club chapter since the fall of 2018.