Marta Styczen

Poland / Germany

Marta is a Berlin-based visual artist, Reiki practitioner, and therapist in the making. Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at 21, she struggled for a couple of years with unrelenting symptoms and ineffective medication. At the same time, she gained her BA in Methodology of Teaching and MA in Marketing, as well as ran her own Language School & Translation Office until 2013, when she decided to leave everything behind and travel to heal, or die. Now 6 years into her voyages, she’s been sharing her recovery with diverse audiences and individuals. She wants to encourage others to look for their own perspective on recovery and follow their dreams, regardless of the stigma around psychosis. Also, having meditated daily for the past 6 years, she’s been writing her book about meditation specifically tailored for the sensitive, psychotic mind. Ultimately, her dream is to open a ‘Healing Sanctuary’ for humans and animals with traumas to heal together, in a beautiful, green place. Together with Students With Schizophrenia, she’s excited to facilitate the new, empowering era when psychosis with its diversity is respected and understood. Marta speaks English, Polish, Italian and not very impressive German (but working on it).