Rivky Grossman

New York, United States

“I am drawn to Rivky by her raw talent. What I love about her as an artist is the strength in her vulnerability- absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to hear more from her!” -Grammy winning, Amy Lee, Evanescence. Meet Rivky! Rivky was invited to The Kennedy Center, stages featuring Suzanne Vega and her latest song produced by Grammy winning Amy Lee, Evanescence. Her music has been selected for New York Musical Theater’s female composers of 2019, “Intersecting Chords.” Rivky is an extraordinarily gifted writer-painter-singer-banterer, a Jaques Brelian/Kurt Weill/Freddie Mercury nostalgia with peculiar syncopation, quirky, funny, held by the seat of her pants, living with a form of schizophrenia, fighting stigma, theatrical, a prodigy invited Off-Broadway where began the coolest friendship with her two-fingeredcellist Brian Sanders, (yes, kismet. A comically fated cripple and a kook duo at their finest), and Angel Sings The Blues released. Currently,Rivky’s songs are in an upcoming Musical being developed with Playwright, Jack Feldstein. Rivky grew up Orthodox Jewish, in the Hasidic “Amish” like community. You can find out more or less, equally, at the 2,019 social media sites that stifle our healthy living.