• OUR VISION: Students With Psychosis envisions a world where no student or advocate living with psychosis worldwide goes without community and access to education.

  • OUR VALUES: Students With Psychosis values (1) the lived experience perspective in leadership positions, (2) both the accurate and respectful representation of people living with psychosis, (3) community, workplace, and educational environments to not only be supportive but also empowering to people living with psychosis, (4) a person’s worth is not determined by grades or degree level, and (5) informed shared decision making in treatment options. Students With Psychosis does not promote any particular treatment options.

  • OUR MISSION: Students With Psychosis empowers students and advocates worldwide through community building and collaboration.

  • OUR GOALS: Students With Psychosis aims to expand mental health/brain health advocacy at the college level to ensure psychosis representation, including a global perspective. Too often is psychosis left out of the mental health/brain health conversation on college campuses, and our narrative is also often limited, excluding intersectional community members.

  • OUR OBJECTIVES: Our primary objectives include: (1) growing and connecting our virtual and in-person programs, (2) organizing outreach initiatives, and (3) founding in-person college affiliates/hubs.

READ BIO: Cecilia McGough, Founder & Executive Director